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My name is Joao Maia Jr

Learn more about my biography and experience

as a Real Estate Agent.

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Get to know all my services

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Real Estate Solutions:

Buying, selling and renting properties in Central Florida, expert in cities like Orlando and its surroundings; also knowledgeable about the market and projects in Brazil.

Full support:

In addition to helping my clients find the best real estate investment opportunities in the U.S., I offer full support at every stage of the process, from initial research to completion of the transaction.

Real Estate Investment Advisory:

I help you identify lucrative investment opportunities and provide strategic advice to maximize your returns.

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Credit Counseling:

Market evaluation:

Assistance with financing, inspections, contracts and more

 I perform comprehensive real estate market analysis to determine the appropriate value of a property, whether you want to buy or sell.


Welcome to our property search engine!

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9161 Narcoossee Rd., Ste #107,

Orlando Fl 32827

+1 954 870 03 06

Days and hours of operation:
(MON - FRIDAY) 09: AM - 06 PM

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